Dr. Annie Sexton

Our Chiropractic Clinic in South Overland Park Chiropractor

Dr. Annie Sexton

Education: Cleveland University-Kansas City

Hometown: Littleton, Colorado

Dr. Sexton cares about your quality of life. That’s why she prioritizes meeting as many people as she possibly can to help spread the message of how beneficial chiropractic can be for pain relief, improved range of motion, reduced soreness, and specific health concerns.

She wants to be the best part of your day and hopes that each and every day, she can make someone’s life a little better. She wants her patients to feel cared about. Dr. Sexton regards her time with patients as a “safe space” for them, where they can be honest, have conversations, and work on a unique treatment plan together.

She loves working in a hospital setting where high-quality chiropractic care is easily available to patients and healthcare providers. She specializes in exercise and sports science. Exercise injuries don’t stand a chance with Dr. Sexton!