Dr. Katey Bow

Our Chiropractic Clinic on the Campus of SSM Health St. Mary’s in St. Louis Chiropractor

Dr. Katey Bow

Education: Logan University

Hometown: Waco, Texas

At every visit, patients who see Dr. Bow can expect an upbeat attitude and a healthcare provider that genuinely cares about them and their unique situation. It’s obvious to all who enter her office that she is on a mission to help patients enjoy pain-free lives.

Dr. Bow was exposed to chiropractic care at a young age. While growing up in Waco, Texas her best friend’s father, a chiropractic physician, allowed neighborhood kids to hang out in his office during summer vacation. Observing him treating and making meaningful differences in patients’ lives inspired young Dr. Bow to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Wellness for Dr. Bow is an active state of enjoying life and constantly maintaining good health. Since earning her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan University, Dr. Bow has been specializing in general chiropractic care and robust patient education on how to achieve and maintain a pain-free state.