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Dr. Lauren Strickler

Our Chiropractic Clinic in Independence Chiropractor

Dr. Lauren Strickler

Education: Cleveland University Kansas City

Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas

Dr. Strickler wants you to get back to living the life you love! That’s why she prioritizes patient education and helping patients understand what’s really going on with their body. She wants you to receive the absolute best care possible, so she loves working in a hospital setting that encourages collaboration with physicians and other treatment plans.

3 Things to Know About Dr. Strickler:

  • She broke her back while horseback riding, and she struggled with back pain for a long time afterwards. Chiropractic care helped her come back from the injury!
  • She was once studying to be a veterinarian, but after her transformative experience with chiropractic, she switched majors and dedicated her career to helping people in pain.
  • She has a degree in kinesiology and a specialty in dry needling, which is a special technique to reduce muscle pain.