Dr. Leighton Duerksen

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Dr. Leighton Duerksen

Education: Jackson and Valley Park, MO

Hometown: Logan College of Chiropractic

Authentic. That’s how patients describe Dr. Duerksen as soon as they meet him. He’s passionate about his profession, but honest about patient expectations. He communicates directly and succinctly to demonstrate his respect for his patients’ time and wellbeing. Whether they need pain relief strategy or just someone to talk to, they know he’ll always be there for them.

These habits were instilled in Dr. Duerksen early on, during his Jackson and Valley Park Missouri childhood. Working hard on the farm and playing hard on the four wheelers, then exploring St. Louis entertainment hotspots inspired him to embrace diversity while prioritizing family.

After working as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach for a couple of years, he discovered that the time commitment that career requires would not allow him to prioritize his own family one day. A chiropractic career allows him to continue helping people and promoting athletic performance, while dedicating ample time to his family life.

Wellness for Dr. Duerksen is the ability to function at an optimum level — physically and mentally. He believes you can’t have one without the other, and maintains his own wellness by weight training, taking daily walks, listening to podcasts, mindfulness training, and enjoying his family. He works so hard in his clinic every day in order to be the best partner, father, and human to those around him. For him, well-being is infectious, so the more you work on your own, the better those around you feel — which he believes, can gradually make the entire world a better place.

Since earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Duerksen has improved wellness for hundreds of patients via his specialties: myofascial release, chronic pain management, sports injury care and post-rehab conditioning, prenatal care and pediatrics, corporate wellness and ergonomics as well as geriatric wellness care.