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Dr. Rafael Fonseca

Our Chiropractic Clinic in Fort Worth Chiropractor

Dr. Rafael Fonseca

Education: Life University

Hometown: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Dr. Fonseca wants to help you stay active! A fitness enthusiast himself, his favorite part of being a chiropractor is watching his patients move forward, get stronger, and progress toward their goals. His personal mission? To help each and every patient he sees get out of pain so they can move better, faster, and longer.

Three Things to Know about Dr. Fonseca

  • He plans to specialize as a sports chiropractor and is actively pursuing his Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner certification.
  • He is a Graston technique specialist, which is a technique that helps mobilize soft tissue, break up internal scar tissue, and improve motion restrictions.
  • He spent years in shoulder pain because of sports injuries, and it limited his ability to perform on the field in high school and college. Chiropractic care helped him get out of pain and regain better movement of the joint.