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Experience the MyoCore Difference

for integrated chiropractic care & effective pain relief in a hospital setting

At MyoCore, our chiropractors offer expert therapies and collaborative care to relieve your muscle and joint pain.

Where many other chiropractors stop at traditional adjustments, MyoCore delivers much more. As specialists in the latest evidence-based protocols for pain, we spend more time with you at every visit to treat acute and chronic pain. Our goal is to minimize your need for medication to relieve pain and provide an alternative to surgery when possible. Because every MyoCore clinic is hospital based, we integrate fully with your medical doctor for truly collaborative care.

The result is a superior patient experience, with your needs at the center of a customized treatment plan.

Let us free you from acute and chronic pain through the use of non-invasive therapies and techniques.

Our chiropractic experts relieve pain while improving joint motion and muscle function for an extensive range of conditions - from general muscle tightness to sciatica, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, myofascial pain syndrome, and more. Through focused, hands-on pressure and stretching techniques, we alleviate the severe tension causing your pain. Specific treatments we offer include myofascial release, soft-tissue therapy such as Active Release Technique® or Graston Technique®, trigger point therapy, spinal decompression, and more.