Dr. Jennifer Messer

Our Chiropractic Clinic on the Campus of University Health Lakewood in Lee’s Summit Chiropractor

Dr. Jennifer Messer

Education: Cleveland Chiropractic College

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Former athlete, Dr. Jen Messer, may not be your college sports coach, but she has two things in common with one: she wants to see you achieve your personal goals, and she’ll do anything she can to help you get there! She finds it incredibly rewarding to meet people where they are and help them get to where they want to be.

As a young athlete growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, Dr. Messer suffered many high school sports injuries, only to discover chiropractic pain relief in her twenties. That’s when her interest in healthcare evolved into a focused passion for chiropractic wellness care.

Dr. Messer loves working with all patients, but she has a particular passion for treating younger athletes and the elderly. She specializes in prenatal care, dry needling techniques, and a variety of soft tissue muscle and joint techniques.