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Find answers to common questions about manual therapy.

What is manual therapy?

Manual therapy clinicians use hands-on techniques to treat a patient’s muscles, joints and fascia, the connective tissue that binds the muscles, organs and bones of the body. Manual therapy increases circulation and range of motion, as well as decreases pain.

What is myofascial release?

Myofascial release (MFR) therapy is a hands-on deep tissue manual therapy technique that focuses on releasing muscular shortness and tightness. The technique targets pain that originates from two sources: skeletal muscle or connective tissues that are “bound” by tight fascia. MyoCore doctors use deep, focused manual pressure and stretching to the area to release the adhesions and trigger points. This, in turn, relaxes the muscle and restores function to the muscle and associated joint, leading to reduced pain.

Who will be performing the myofascial release techniques?

All treatments utilized in MyoCore offices are performed by our specially-trained doctors of chiropractic and are individualized based on each patient’s unique conditions and goals for care.

What makes MyoCore different from other chiropractors?

MyoCore clinics are located exclusively inside hospital settings, allowing our doctors to collaborate closely with your healthcare professionals. Our doctors utilize evidence-based techniques, which include a broad range of manual therapy techniques, and spend an extended amount of time with each patient.

Will you work in conjunction with my PCP?

MyoCore believes it is vital to communicate your care plan with your other health care providers. Upon your approval, we will notify your providers of the treatment you are undergoing and update your providers as necessary throughout the duration of your care.

Will you take my health insurance?

Yes. We are credentialed through most insurance companies including Aetna, BCBS-KS, BCBS-MO, Medicaid, Cigna, Coventry/FMH, Humana, Medicare, Multiplan, PHCS and United Healthcare.

Can children receive care at MyoCore?

Many of our doctors have special training in the evaluation and treatment of children ranging from newborn through adolescence. Conditions our chiropractors commonly treat are infant torticollis, scoliosis, sports injuries and strain/sprain. Our doctors can also provide advice on sports training, nutrition and injury prevention for young athletes.

Does MyoCore offer traditional chiropractic adjustments?

Yes, adjustments are performed when the doctor’s exam indicates that an adjustment would be beneficial. However, our doctors have found that adjustments are more effective, when used in conjunction with proper muscle release and therapeutic exercises. MyoCore specializes in pain management through muscle work and we strive to resolve your body’s restrictions and eliminate the need for future adjustments.

Do I need a primary care referral for MyoCore?

No, however it is always important to communicate with all of your doctors so that they are aware of the care you are receiving.