Here's What to Expect During Your First Visit to MyoCore

Here’s What to Expect During Your First Visit to MyoCore

In most doctor’s offices, when you stand up to say hello, the doctor says “hello” back.

In a MyoCore office, when you stand up to say hello, our doctors also say “hello” — but at the same time they’ll be evaluating you — your posture… your shoulders… your hips… your movement… your balance… your gait… your arm cycle… the way you carry yourself, etc.

It’s all a part of your FIRST VISIT experience.

Something else you’ll find at a MyoCore office is that our doctors quickly build a rapport with their patients. And over time, that rapport becomes a mutual trust between them.

But it all starts with that first meeting.

Here’s what else you can expect as a first-time MyoCore patient.

You’ll Begin by Completing a New Patient Questionnaire

You’ll fill out your New Patient Questionnaire, which covers daily activities, work, exercise, habits, job, eating habits, and mental or physical stressors.

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Your Doctor will Then Complete a Full Health History Assessment

MyoCore’s health history review will include your pain history, past injuries, family history, any accidents, underlying medical conditions, health concerns, and an objective postural analysis. We will assess your pain location and symptoms, like shooting, stabbing pain, do a strength evaluation, as well as a range of motion and joint restriction test. Then, we will begin evaluating your muscles and testing your strength, function, and muscular pain levels.

During this initial health assessment, your MyoCore doctor will look at your medical history as well as review notes from your referring physician, when necessary, to get a full and comprehensive view of your health history. At MyoCore, our in-hospital location enables us to collaborate with medical doctors, physical therapists, and mental health professionals to ensure that a patient’s whole health is taken into consideration to create your personalized pain care plan.

It’s such a relief to see a chiropractor that works with my primary care doctor. I feel better knowing that all aspects of my health are considered with MyoCore.”

— K. Kelly
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You’ll Receive a Comprehensive Physical Exam with a MyoCore Doctor

After the initial health assessment, you’ll move into the physical examination portion of your visit. Your MyoCore doctor will perform a thorough and comprehensive physical exam to assess your pain, your posture, and your body’s overall function.

During your physical exam, your doctor will perform:

  • A posture analysis to identify any deviations from normal alignment;
  • Functional movement/Range of motion tests to evaluate fundamental movement patterns;
  • Reflex tests to assess your body’s reactions;
  • A trigger points analysis to see what may be causing you significant pain;
  • Muscular function tests, because muscle dysfunction is a common cause of pain symptoms; and
  • An overall pain assessment.

“A thorough exam, allows us to diagnose a patient in pain effectively, and that enables us to create a treatment plan that gets patients out of pain faster.”

— Dr. Jason Moss, Founder of MyoCore
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The Result – A Personalized Care Plan for Your Specific Needs

Your MyoCore doctor will optimize the impact of each session with you by tailoring the right combination of techniques to fit your specific needs. Each treatment plan will include Myofascial Release and gentle chiropractic adjustments that together provide therapeutically effective treatments that help produce long-term results.

  • Myofascial Release: Myofascial release is a deep tissue therapy performed by your doctor for 15-30 minutes. This therapy feels amazing, and it’s also a very effective treatment for pain. Myofascial release breaks down trigger points and scar tissue, reducing pain, alleviating muscle tension, and improving overall function.
  • Gentle Adjustments: Your doctor will apply gentle pressure to your spine to reduce joint pain and inflammation and decrease restriction in your spinal joints. Adjustments improve range of motion and decrease pain levels.

Once you have the details of your personalized care plan set, you’re ready to take the next step toward a better quality of life.

Does Insurance Cover Your Chiropractic Care?

Now that you have reviewed your personalized care plan, you will meet with the office staff to walk through your treatment plan, your insurance coverage and payment options. MyoCore accepts all insurances in the hospital system.

And since you provide your insurance information on the first visit, your integrated care team will have your coverage details ready for your review. For most patients, insurance will cover a good portion of their care. But you’ll see exactly what your specific coverage is and we’ll point out any out-of-pocket costs and/or deductibles so you have a full understanding of what your payment will be.

If you don’t have insurance, we will work with you to create an affordable care plan that fits your budget.

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Time to Start Your Chiropractic Care Plan

On your first day, we want you to leave the in-hospital clinic feeling great. So, before you go, you’ll receive your first treatment, which includes myofascial release and an adjustment. You’ll notice at MyoCore, the approach is different from traditional chiropractic therapy sessions. For starters, MyoCore doctors focus on your muscles. They spend an extended amount of time with each patient, performing hands-on, deep tissue treatments.

Your first treatment will take place in a private room with your doctor, and the session will take about 20 minutes. Dr. Moss says it’s important to treat both the muscles and the joints together, because one can’t function optimally without the other. “No joint moves independently of a muscle,” said Dr. Moss. “Muscles control joints.”

During your first treatment, your MyoCore doctor will focus on releasing muscles, loosening tight areas and trigger points, and breaking up adhesions in the joints. This, combined with the adjustment, will help improve your range of motion and reduce your pain levels.

In most cases, you will feel relief quickly – even after your first treatment. But it’s important to complete your entire care plan so you can address the root causes of your pain and prevent it from reoccurring.

After your first treatment, you may immediately feel less pain and notice an increased range of motion. Some patients even say they experience a “euphoric” feeling because the muscle tension has left their bodies.

Moving forward…

Before you leave, you’ll receive a folder with your diagnosis, a prescription for future visits (e.g., 3x a week for 3 weeks, your future treatment schedule will depend on the severity of your symptoms), an insurance sheet and costs for your three phases of treatment (therapeutic/restorative/maintenance). You can also book your next few appointments with the office staff before you go.

When you are all finished with that first visit, you’ll have a full understanding of how MyoCore’s treatment recommendations are customized to you and your specific needs. If you’ve had enough pain in your life and you’re ready to get started with MyoCore, schedule an appointment today.

If you’ve had enough pain in your life and you’re ready to get started with MyoCore, schedule an appointment today.

“MyoCore doctors start by looking at muscle dysfunction… every joint is controlled by a muscle contraction. If a patient has pain and has a restricted motion segment, a MyoCore doctor is going to evaluate the muscles that are controlling that joint complex. That’s where we’ll find out what’s restricting the patient’s movement.”

— Dr. Moss, Founder of MyoCore