2 Easy Pain Relieving Stretches for Golfers

2 Easy Pain-Relieving Stretches for Golfers

By Dr. Kyle Koerner, D.C.
Associate Chiropractor at MyoCore of South Overland Park

One of the most popular sports in the world today is the sport of golf. Many people enjoy this game from a young age all the way up until they retire—including many of my patients! Golfing is a great way to get some fresh air and maintain an active lifestyle. 

Unlike most sports during this time of global pandemic, golf has experienced a surge in new and returning players. This may be in part due to the natural ability of golfers to socially distance while playing. There are many people, however, who do not participate because the movements required in golf have become too painful. Two of the most common complaints that I encounter in my practice are low back pain and shoulder pain.

So what can be done before, during, and after your game of golf to keep you loose and reduce the pain that’s keeping you from shooting par? Let’s take a look at a few pain-relieving stretches for golfers as well as some more long-term pain management solutions!

For Your Back

One of my favorite stretches to do before I play is 30 quick extensions of my low back followed by slowly stretching my entire spine, rotating it to mimic my golf swing. Unlike other stretches that I see on the course, this actually helps loosen and improve the amount of motion that I can get within my golf swing. It also allows me to rotate further and get more club head speed to make the ball go farther.

For Your Shoulders

Stretching your shoulders is as easy as taking an arm and stretching it across your body—just like you probably did in grade school PE. Again, the goal of this is to specifically stretch in the motion that golf requires.

The same philosophy can be applied not only to the low back and shoulders, but every joint used in your golf swing. My only rule is: if it causes you pain, stop the stretch! If it feels like a stretch, you’re doing it right.

Now, what if during these exercises and stretches for golfers it does hurt, or you can’t stretch the muscles out sufficiently on your own? You might think that you just have to play or live through the pain. That’s not the case! I have bad news and good news for you. If you do experience pain when you stretch, you probably have tight muscles, joints or other tissues that need to be evaluated and treated to return them to proper levels of function. 

Here in our office, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and exams taught only by Titleist Performance Institute. Doing a detailed exam and using wireless motion capture technology will allow us to fully evaluate and improve your swing, as well as decrease pain. 

Because my system is all wireless, I can even come to you on the driving range or course to help fine-tune your swing in a real-world environment! Don’t let pain keep you from getting outside and staying active with the sport you love. Schedule an appointment with MyoCore today and we can start you on the road to recovery!