Integrated Care – A Model for Success

Anyone who has had back pain knows it can be disruptive, especially since it is the leading cause of disability worldwide. It is also the second leading cause for doctor visits behind only upper-respiratory infections and can become chronic or even debilitating without the right treatment. MyoCore takes these facts and more into consideration through integrated care, a unique approach that involves frequent close coordination between chiropractors, physicians and other medical professionals to provide patients with a high level of care that addresses pain at the source.

What is Integrated Care?

Many other medical disciplines employ cooperation between any number of doctors, nurses and other healthcare specialists in order to determine the root cause of a patient’s condition and formulate a treatment plan that optimizes the chances for a successful outcome. Chiropractic care is no different, as it requires that same level of coordination to properly treat pain. And that is one of the core principles of MyoCore’s integrated care model.

At MyoCore, our integrated care model refers to the collaboration between our chiropractors, and physicians or other healthcare providers who work together to design personalized treatment plans that meet your specific needs. If you’re having musculoskeletal pain that can be addressed without an invasive procedure, your physician may refer you to a MyoCore chiropractor.  Similarly, if your condition isn’t within the scope of chiropractic care, MyoCore chiropractors will refer you to the proper physician or other healthcare provider to get the treatment you need.    

When combined with evidence-based care and following best-in-class protocols, integrated care provides therapeutically effective treatment and patient support dedicated to achieving satisfaction.

How Can You Benefit From Integrated Care?

When your physician and chiropractor work together, you aren’t just getting drug-free treatment for your pain. You’re benefitting from a comprehensive and conservative approach that addresses your complete needs and goals as a patient.  That’s why integrated care can produce results that may equal or even surpass those of physiotherapy, chiropractic, or drug therapy alone.

And the best part?  Everything is designed for you right there in the hospital so you can get started on your journey toward better function and reduced pain right away.